First thing’s first

So a friend of mine has a “blog challenge.”  She is new to blogging as I am (and I think just as skeptical if she will continue to do it), so this is a way to ease into it.   We’re supposed to introduce ourselves and give 15 interesting facts, but I think most people know me pretty well that will be reading this (especially if I ever actually, you know, tell people other than Brett about it) know me so let’s see if I can think of some “interesting” things about myself.

1.  I am all about staying in on a Friday or Saturday night with Brett, watching some HGTV onDemand (he loves it, don’t let him tell you otherwise), and either picking up take-out or eating something from home.

2.  I would pay someone approximately $2049.49 bonafied US dollars & cents to figure out the curtain situation in our new house.  The thought of rods, colors, fabrics (gag) makes me want to throw something.  And considering there’s about 14 windows that need a curtain at our house, that would be money well spent.

3.  Which brings me to my next point, and that would be that I am a second grade teacher and can’t really afford hiring a curtain professional. So any friends whose heart flutters anytime they go in a JoAnns and would like to tackle that, well BE MY GUEST! By the way, I love being a teacher. My students are funnier than most of my friends.

4.  I am the world’s worst with a cell phone.  I’ll leave it on silent, not hear it, or simply forget I own one.  IFFFFF I get an iPhone (see: the big if), maybe that’d change since those are so, whats’ the word… valuable in the cellular world.

5. The beach is my place (see last post about beach wedding! will transfer that post over here soon).  My parents took me every year and so I told Brett they can blame them for my need to have to go every year (at least once a year). I love Nashville and wouldn’t want to be away from these places, people, and where I’ve grown up… but if we somehow wind up with millions, heyyy beach house!

6.  I’m thankful for the time I worked at Old Navy during college summers/holidays.  Retail is not my thing, but it taught me how to interact with people and treat people how they wanted to be treated (that sounds like something golden,…).  I’m more patient waiting in long lines than others (usually). :)

7.  Sprite is my coffee.  I tried Sprite Zero for a while, ya know cutting down the calories, but those were dark days.  Do not take away my calorie-filled, caffeinated-beverage of choice!

8.  I love me a good concert.  I’ve seen Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, N’SYNC (UNASHAMEDLY), and lots others as “special guests” like Dolly Parton, Lady A, Faith Hill, Brad Paisley, Jordan Knight (ashamedly), and lots more. I love Music City. (Side note: have met “out and about” Darryl Worley, Gretchen Wilson, James Marsden, and just a couple of weeks ago The Band Perry at Cracker Barrel).

9.  Jesus is number one in my heart (even though number 9 on the list, but this was totttttes not in ranking of importance).  It’s been awesome to see God reveal Himself in Brett and I’s lives these past few months.  He’s opened some fantastic doors that taught us patience, trust, and what’s important.

10. Brett & I are in a Sunday School taught by (what I call) my “third Grandfather.”  It is a class where we are the youngest……. by at least 25 years.  And we love it.  Those sweet people have taken us in and loved on us, prayed for us, and supported us.  We love learning from them and with them… some of the wisest people you’ll ever meet in there.

11.  It’s like clockwork.  Every May, I get on a running kick.  It ain’t a pretty sight, and I’m near cardiac arrest when it’s over, but I GET ‘R DONE…….. that is, until about mid-May when it rains one day so I don’t run.  And then the next day, I don’t feel like it. And then well, A for effort.

12. Tuscaloosa, AL is such a fun town, but Brett and I have never gone together.  Can’t wait to go walk around the Bama campus with him one day and catch a football or baseball game.

13.  I’m kinda cheap frugal.  I’m all about coupons (Brett oftens hears, “Let’s go to Steak-n-Shake- oh wait, nevermind. Left the coupon for $1.50 off at home so I can’t.”). Seriously, it sometimes drives me crazy how indecisive I can be about something that cost 20 bucks (“Is it 20 bucks cute or just 15?”) But it pays off (pun intended).

14.  Ranch dressing makes just about anything better.  Chilis and O’Charleys waiters who we see (yeah, we’re regulars there) know to bring me an extra.

15.  I can’t wait to have kids……. a few years away! Of course, God’s plan doesn’t always match ours, but we are thinking 3 or 4 years from now.  I’m so looking forward to being a young married couple and making those memories and saving our pennies.  (Yes, we have a girl’s name and boy’s name already picked out. No I’m not telling on here, they’re cute- you may steal ‘em)! ;)

Whew. Now you know 15 things you either hopefully knew about me (that I love Jesus), or that makes you question my sanity (the curtains, oh the curtains).

Welp, see ya later.



  1. I need to make curtains too!!!! I just made one for my bathroom and I am obsessed. We should totally go to JoAnn’s and fabric shop. I can show you how to make easy no-sew curtains really fast. :-)

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