Going to the beeeach & they’re gonna get married….

When’s the date?
Have you picked out your colors?
What about flowers?
How many in the bridal party?
Number of guests?
Who’s doing hair? Make-up? THE DRESS?

I think you catch my drift.  Ever since June 22, 2010 when the boy I’ve been blessed to call mine for (at the time) almost four years asked me to marry him, those questions and more have flooded both him and me everywhere we went- among family/ friends, work, church, etc.  Of course, all who asked have the best intentions and are being polite, courteous asking us about the big day.

BUUUUUUUT here’s the thing. I’ve never wanted any of that. Friends weddings? Sure, I’ll be happy to put on the dress and hold the flowers… it’s their day. I could care less about picking out colors. Or choosing overpriced flowers. Or ordering 390 lbs of food. Or making sure so-and-so got an invite.  Not to mention all eyes on me walking down the aisle and I’m so not a girly-girl. In fact, it stressed me out just THINKING about figuring out all of that.  Not to mention adding up the costs of everything.  We just bought our house and our eyes are open to how much it cost to maintain a house, not to mention if you prefer having, you know, FURNITURE. :)

So long story longer, we are indeed having a wedding.  A wedding we are stoked for. It will be June 11, 2011 on the Gulf Coast (friends know the location but in case someone randomly searches, I don’t want a stranger knowing) (Yes, I am that paranoid).  That’s right. A BEACH WEDDING!

Now, I know what many are thinking when I tell them (as we were when we were figuring it all out)… umm, what about the guests? Well, we love all of our friends and family to pieces, at the end of the day it’s about us (although we’ll certainly miss a few).  Our parents will be there. Come over anytime and we’ll tell ya all about it (I’m sure a photobook will be involved).  Well, what about the costs? Well, it’s certainly not cheap necessarily to do a beach wedding, but it’s cheaper than having it here after you add up all the other “stuff.” Who’s going to officiate the wedding? God is so good… it worked out that our pastor is not only able, but willing to travel down to officiate the wedding beachside. BLESSED!

I’ve always dreamed of the marriage, not the wedding. God has blessed me with the future husband I’ve always dreamed of… he’s smart, kind, thoughtful, a hard-worker, handsome, Alabama fan (well, it’s true), and above all a Christian who is involved with me at church and wants to grow in the Lord together.  With the purchase of our house, that dream is becoming a reality- we’ve (ok, he’s) been painting each room, picking out colors, figuring out what kind of furniture we want, etc.  The wedding will be a great and important day, but it’s just day one… I’m more focused on the long haul. : )

So, I’ll become Mrs. S (again, with the paranoid tendencies about random people knowing inf0  :-) ) with the sand between my toes, close family watching on, hearing the waves crash on the shore and we couldn’t be happier!

By the way, please begin praying for pretty weather. :)


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