2nd Grade Wisdom

I teach 2nd grade.

However, these 2nd graders often teach me.

{Now as a preface, this blog is not for me to rant and rave about things at school.  It’s for me to “journal” things going on in my life right now since I’m in a crazy busy, but crazy exciting time and different thoughts along the way.  And maybe you might get a smile out of it yourself.}

But there will be times when I won’t be able to help myself and share a story or two about my class, my career… a big part of my life.

Today’s one of those days.

All of my students have abilities and talents that I love about them (even if they don’t yet recognize it in themselves).
Sometimes though, they can leave me speechless about their thoughtfulness and care.

Sending me a bouquet of buttercups to brighten my day in a mason jar.
Sneaking me a Reese’s peanut butter egg.
Bringing me an extra scrambled egg from their breakfast at home that they saved for me (I saved it for later). ;)
Drawing Snoopy and palm trees on the Get Well cards they make for me when I lose my voice.
Bringing me an Alabama wallet cause they saw it and just knew I’d love it.

My favorite is walking up to give me a hug for no reason or writing my note that just says “I LOVE YOU.”

But it’s not just about things they do for me.  What really makes me smile is when I see what they do for each other

Rushing to help pick up their friend’s books when they go everywhere.
Seeing that someone may not be understanding that math problem and bending down to their desk and making sure they get it.
Ordering an extra “Cupid Gram” for the kid in class who didn’t receive one to make sure he felt loved.
Laughing at each others jokes (that’s a big one for a 7 year old!)

I could go on and on.
Kids can sometimes get a bad rap. Yeah, there’s bullies out there and yeah, sometimes they don’t make the right choice and can cause a wee bit of frustration… but you’ll be surprised that once you look for the good in a child how much you will find.  How most of them just want to make those special people in their lives happy and are thinking of those around them.
Something we “grown-ups” can learn from… and if you watch, you may be surprised to see how much that child will, well, bloom.


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