Well, since you asked.

Outside my window is my Mom’s garden… I have Opryland hotel outside my window (at least for a few more weeks!)

This thought impacted me… that I will be a married lady two months from tomorrow! Woohoo!

I found this fabulous blog… www.younghouselove.com …really neat/creative do-it-yourself ideas for new homeowners like ourselves. I can’t wait to try some, it’s the thought that counts!

I am thinking… it’d sure be nice if I had a mini fridge by the couch right now. Because getting up and walking for a carbonated beverage of choice (Sprite of course) is very unappealing at the moment.

My heart is… full.  Fun weekend with Brett and the fam and wonderful message from Pastor Poly today — so thankful Jesus knows MY name.

I am thankful for… the painting in the house to be just about done. Hallelujah.

From the kitchen… Mom’s cheesecake! She made it for me this weekend because stressed spelled backwards is dessert and she knows my love language.

I am creating… currently: review sheets for Social Studies. I can feel your jealousy through the screen!

I am going… to start my “Oh geez it’s no longer sweater season, and now – gag-swimsuit season so I better start running” kick soon.  I hate running with every fiber of my being (but tell myself I love it), but maybe some of my jams on the ‘pod can motivate me. Alas, see above mention about lack of motivation to get up for a Coke.  And the cheesecake.

I am hoping… my class eats a good breakfast and gets a good night’s rest each night this week! Oh, and remembers what I’ve been gabbing about for the past few months. ;)

I am hearing… Gary Busey on Celebrity Apprentice…. my brain hates me.

Around the house… you’ll always find a pair of my flip flops laying around now that Nashville had a record high for April yesterday.

One of my favorite things… jigsaw puzzles.  Don’t judge.

A few plans for the rest of the week… make testing as fun as possible for 2nd graders (yay Smarties!), Spring Fling at church with Mama, have a date with Brett, hopefully see some friends, and check more off the to-do list!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… Mom told me the ferns at Lowe’s were on sale, and since I now have a brand new house (WITH A PORCH!) naturally I had to get a couple.  So behold, I bring you our first ferns!


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  1. 1. Being a married lady is soo much fun. The house and the husband are awesome. It’s still weird that I am married some days!

    2. I looooove younghouselove.com! I have done several of their projects and take lots of their advice!

    See you tomorrow!!! The joy of TCAPs is upon us!

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