Lists are my friend.

I’d love to say that I’m going to write a coherent blog today, but that’s just not in the cards (I think that’s the first time I’ve used that phrase…. ever).  So, hooray for random thoughts thrown together!

  1. I am stoked for football season. I watched the A-Day game yesterday (Alabama’s Spring game) and the Million Dollar Band got me PUMPED, along with Nick Saban screaming his face off.  Alabama won!
  2. Alabama won because they played against teammates (Crimson vs White).  Felt like I needed to explain this in case you weren’t born and raised correctly in a SEC household.
  3. Also, while I am indeed stoked for football season, that would mean August would be here.  And a new school year with 20-something new babies in my class. And when August rolls around, I’ll be beyond stoked for that too, but right now babygirl is looking forward to summer break (like sleeping in, a day at the pool, and you know getting married!).   So football season, I’ll enjoy the wait too.
  4. I tend to overexplain.
  5. While I am Southern in that football being behind God & your family in your priorities, I am not when it comes to table decorating.  I went to a Spring Fling at church with my Mama the other day, and some of those tables were straight from Southern Living.  When they said we could go eat, I was going to bring the plate my Mom had for her garden-themed table.  Her response? “These plates aren’t for eating.  They’re for looks.” WHAT? Clearly, this is not one of my spiritual gifts.

    Who thinks of a lemon-themed table? Cute.

  6. This past week was testing week for my class, so Friday afternoon we relaxed and finished the movie Flipper that we had started before Break.  They LOVED it.  Just so happens “dolphin” is one of our spelling words for next week and they were so excited. I totally planned that. NOT.

  7. Speaking of Flipper, one of my Dad’s favorite stories for going on 20 years now is when I was around 3 or 4, we went on a boat ride in Florida.  While on the boat, there were 2 kids and a dolphin a little ways out that were waving at us (the boys, not the dolphin).  My Dad said, “Look Lace! There’s Bud, Sandy, and Flipper!!!” I go BEZERK.  Little did I know that show was made about in the 70s, aka 20 years prior to this. 
  8. Just listen to it. You’re happier now, yes?
  9. We ordered a dinette set! It should come in next weekend.  Will be perfect for our spot. We saw it in January, but being the nut that I am, I had to check 20 other stores to make sure there wasn’t one I liked more.
  10. I’m really into bananas and peanut butter lately.  Just call me Elvis.

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