The Verdict: Guilty!

We all have something we hate to admit we love.  Contrary to popular belief, I am not exempt.

Without further ado (adieu?), here’s my Top 10 I love it and what are you going to do about it List (Clearly, I’m a fan of brevity):

10.  The Real Housewives franchise

Yep, I’m a fan. Well, except for the Miami Housewives because that was just muy (I did) awful.  But I do watch the others (especially the old New York seasons, Bethenny is an imaginary bff).

9. Overalls

They are even “in” right now as seen by my Google image results from Ralph Lauren here.  I have been ON THE RETAIL PROWL for some overalls (preferably overall shorts) for going on a full year.  I finally found some at Target, but I prefer my overalls to leave more to the imagination than the ones they had.  I don’t care how unflattering they can be or if they only look cute on Osh Kosh B’Gosh clad toddlers, I WANT A PAIR.

8.  Glee Soundtracks

Show choir + Popular music – awful outfits = I love it.

7.  Sun-in

Y’all. My blonde hair doesn’t stay blonde without this magical potion.  Yes, I’m naturally blonde, as is my Mom.  However, my Dad has jet-black hair (and still does in his, ahem, upper-50s). So thus, sun-in in the warmer weather brightens my day, so to speak.

6.  Crocs

Look, they (other than the Alabama logo/colors) (and yes I do own these exact pair) are ugly as sin.  However, those rubber with holes shoes make my soles sing for joy.

5. Sporcle

Procrastination at its finest.

4.  Any Taylor Swift song. (But not Justin Bieber’s Baby… ZILCH guilt about that gem).

I may face a lot of ridicule for this, but I actually own the above CD.  Granted, I bought it when I was reminiscing teen when Tim McGraw came out and before I heard her on any Awards Show… but there are some songs I like on this CD.  Gulp.

3. 90s Boy Bands. Still.

I have songs from the following on my iPod (that are not skipped over often): N’Sync (I would see them in concert at Starwood all over again, k thanks), Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, BBMak, and there are some that are just tempting my iTunes account (I’m looking at you, “Slam Dunk the Funk” by 5ive).

I even flipped out seeing an N’Syncer (let’s go Chris Kirkpatrick!) at my graduation from CU. So bizarre. SO AWESOME.

"Um... Hiiii! I loved you growing up and I just graduated! Can I get a picture with you?"

2. Ranch Dressing

I am a Ranch snob.  I may be a coupon cutter and bargain watcher.  However, I’ll pay $4.00 for that goodness in a bottle that is O’Charley’s Ranch.   I’ll try it on just about anything (your life is changed once you have chips & ranch… or a baked potato with ranch…or…)

…and my Number 1 “Guilty Pleasure” is something so outrageous… so controversial… you may not believe your eyes.

1.  Naps.

My motto... (and yes, I do own this).



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