Being a troo friend.

The year is winding down with only two more full days of school left.  I’m more than excited for summer (wedding! marriage! new house! swimming! sleep! happy hour at sonic!), but it is a twinge bittersweet to send these kiddos on to 3rd grade. They have been such a great first group.

With the year closing, I’ve been able to do a few different things than our normal routine.  The other day I passed around a piece of paper that said “Being a friend means…” on the top and told them to just write down what it meant to be a friend.  I told them to not overthink it, just whatever comes to your mind.

Behold…. 2nd graders, soon to be 3rd, views on what it means to be a friend (original spelling in tact… apparently, I have a couple of review lessons):

  • Being a troo friend
  • Everything to me.
  • Letting them play with you if they don’t have someone to play with.
  • Having fun together.
  • Plays outside with you.
  • Helping ech other
  • Showing care to each other
  • Helping you when you get hrut.
  • Helping you when you fall down.
  • Playing on the playground with them.
  • Careing for them.
  • He helps me when I’m hurt.
  • Playing with me.
  • Play win chen one (think that one was suppose to be playing with anyone).

Pretty simple, hmmm?


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