Hello Blogosphere, long time no see. Anything new? Oh a few things with me… toenails are painted, bought a new shirt the other day, ordered a photobook…


Yes, as probably all of you know unless you randomly googled “palms and psalms” (and I don’t see that being a reality), I became Mrs. Brett _____________ (again with random creepers and Internet paranoia) on June 11th!

And can I just say it went perfectly.

As mentioned a few blogs posts ago, I always have dreamed of the marriage and not the wedding.  However, I knew that if I were to get married, I’d love for it to be at the beach.  Not to sound like Kenny Chesney, but it’s where I feel the most at peace, settled, and well… stress-free.  I honestly think I would have had a nervous breakdown if I had been married in our church with all the people, traditions, dances, and whatnot.  I was stressin’ about the ceremony on the beach, let alone that! (Just for clarification- wasn’t stressin because I was second-guessing my soon-t0-be hubs, more like Oh-what-if-I-say-or-do-something-wrong-or-it-suddenly-storms situation that were on replay in my head that day).

However, I (and Brett) indeed said everything correctly, did everything correctly, and God provided beautiful blue skies.  Thanks again to our Pastor who came down and performed a sweet and simple ceremony… just as we had asked and wanted. While we love our friends and family that weren’t there, it was just how I wanted it… low-key and a great Day 1 of our marriage.  Thankfully I have a husband that was always supportive about it. :)

As for married life, we are loving it.  Brett remarked the other day that he’s “giddy” to come home everyday because I’ll be there or I’m on the way.  I have to say the same,  I enjoy the alone time and getting things done (and being able to see friends/parentals), but I love when he walks in from work.  Even if that means it’s yardwork time, as it did yesterday (weeds are the devil).   Sure, there’s a lot more cleaning, chores, cooking (yikes… so far I can cook a mean spaghetti), and adjusting to each other but it’s fun to live with your best friend. :) Helps when your husband sees all the mentioned as teamwork too.


Now remind me of this post when the newness of being married goes away (ie Brett complimenting our baked potato and snacks dinner last week because someone forgot to get out the ground beef to defrost for grilling. Ahem). Just kidding. I hope. ;)


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