Say my name.

On the way home from Perdido, Brett and I made a list of various to-dos that needed to be updated regarding our change in marital status and in my case, my new last name.

Needless to say my list was a wee bit longer.

Now. Don’t get me wrong. I am very grateful, thankful, and happy….ful that I have a new last name.  Because that means I’m married to Brett. And that makes me a very happy girl. So dear husband, I say all of this in that I am very! glad! to! have! to! make! this! change!

Having said that.


There. I said it. I feel much better. Lighter, in fact.

It’s not so much that it’s difficult. Just a hassle with what the marriage licenses, paperwork, explaining the story over and over, driving everywhere, etc  (and yes, I know this is very much a non-problem in this world full of lots-o-problems, but this is my blog and I can rant about whatever non-problems I want. Snap).

First thing I knew needed to get done was Social SecuritySide note: I do not know how anybody who works 9 to 5 everyday all year long could get all of this done.  Cause babygirl here was very grateful that my career offers a few weeks of summer break because I may have gone certifiably insane.

So Howie the Honda and I went to the local SS office and it was immediately awkward. I walked in and the waiting room was just silent and staring. Blank.  I got my number and acted as I was texting my whole contact list due to the SKETCHYness in that place.  However, the SS lady was very nice and after (I think) doubting my marriage license until I pointed out that it was Florida license, I was in the system and it came within a week. Check.

Next, Brett and I combined our checking accounts.  Brett was coming from another bank and just transferring to my account so ONE WOULD THINK that simply changing my name on the card would be the easy part.  However, Brett got his new debit card and all rather quickly.  Soon thereafter, my card did come in the mail.

But it was with my maiden name. AKA the exact card I already had.

So I go to the bank, talk with a VP and she apologizes and says it is all straightened out. Fabulous.  I get my card within a few days, as she said I would.

But my new last name is misspelled. Of course it is.

Long story longer, called said VP and she at first didn’t believe me until she saw it on her computer screen apparently and blamed corporate.

Third time’s the charm, my card arrived with my new last name and as a bonus… spelled correctly! Yahoo! Checked off the list.

Ahhh. The DMV.  The smell.  The sights.  The people-watching. The place where dreams are made and days are ruined. Also, where you must appear in person to have your name changed.   Made a special trip out to Lebanon to get-r-done and pulled up to a relatively empty parking lot and was ecstatic that I would not have to sit in that waiting room with the 1970s restrooms RIGHT BY THE SEATS.  Park, get out, walk merrily to the door…. annnnd Closed. For water damage (from the restrooms RIGHT BY THE SEATS no doubt).  Of course it is.

So the next week I travel back and we can all take a sigh of relief that the DMV was open. I get a number (A34 for you OCDers) from the same lady who rode with me during my driving test years ago and who I’m pretty sure did Little Jimmy Dickens’ driving test as well.  The DMV is worth a post on it’s own but the aforementioned people watching is just… special. (I overheard a conversation between some teenagers behind me that didn’t know their zip code and I cried internally for education).

After a breezy 30 minutes, A34 is called and I go up to that friendly DMV employee (if you hint sarcasm in that sentence, you would be correct) and the process goes rather smoothly until she tells me that I can go to the camera now.  I can’t use that tanned 18 year old picture again? No ma’am.  So make-up-less-frizzier-than-normal (I know) Lace is cheesin in the picture and I’m looking fresh, let me tell you.  However, mission accomplished (also voting registration taken care of too). Check. Check.

The only other major thing I needed to update (other than our bills and church which were pretty easy) was with my employer  (the local school system) and my teaching license.  Happy to report that my employer only required a copy of my new SS card which was in my hand thanks to my trek to sketchy SS office.   Got a new picture there (luckily was wearing makeup which is a rarity for me during the summertime, however the friendly photographer regretted telling me that I had a LARGE BUMP in my hair on the side that’s rather unfortunate). Check.  Teaching license in progress so I’d like to give it a check and BY GOLLY I will. Check.

Other than a few things here and there, we are just about official.  It is such a sigh of relief! Brides to be, I highly recommend taking care of all of it as soon as you can to make life easier as a married couple.

In fact, I’d put my name on it.


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