Musical Bucket List

Well, it’s been over a month since my last post. Spring has sprung and has brought a season of fun and BUSYNESS! Enjoyed Spring Break, church activities, friends & family time, a family reunion on the family farm, dates with the husband, and much more. Not so much enjoyed graduate assignments, a sinus infection/cold that’s hung on ten days too many, and endless test prep for 2nd graders. However, God is good and life is sweet.

I would be lying if I didn’t say one of my favorite parts of the past few weeks was attending the “All for the Hall” show.  We had fabulous seats and my pretend biffles Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Vince Gill, Lady A, Alabama, Diamond Rio, Little Big Town, and others performed a fantastic show.

Oh, did I mention my Cracker Barrel BFFs The Band Perry performed as well?

The show was already super special, since Keith Urban was asked to join the Opry, but then a surprised guest was introduced.

MERLE. As in the legendary, Country Music Hall of Famer MERLE HAGGARD.

My Mom and I FLIPPED. I may have been the most excited twenty-three year old there. Thanks to my Mom’s love for Merle, I grew up listening to many of his songs and never thought in a million years I’d see him live.

For the uninformed:

After the show, it got me thinking. Thanks to being born and raised in Music City, I’ve been lucky enough to see so many of my favorites (Dolly Parton, Keith Urban, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, N’Sync unashamedly, and so many more). However….

Who are some artists that I haven’t seen yet before they go to that big stage in the sky?

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER… my Musical Bucket List:

  1. Paul McCartney
    The Beatles are one of my faves and my options are running low of seeing any of the Beatles live (let’s be honest, nobody wants to see Ringo).
  2. James Taylor
    My Dad says every song of his sounds the same, but I could listen to Sweet Baby James all night (as I have many sleepless nights).
  3. George Strait
    I am not a huge George fan, but I know and enjoy so many of his songs that I’m sure I’d have fun at his show. Plus, Carrying Your Love With Me was my jam on the endless trips to WV growing up.
  4. Carrie Underwood
    I know some of my friends are thinking, “Really? Carrie Underwood?” But I’ve liked her since Idol and she’s a country music legend in the making. I can cross this one off soon, I’ll be seeing her at the Opry in June!
  5. Zac Brown Band
    No shame here, simply put… I LOVE THEM.
  6. Elton John
    Amazing songwriter. I’d sing the night away, and who doesn’t want to sing B-b-b-b-benny and the Jetttttssss live?!
  7. The Eagles
    This is another one to blame on the parents. This was one of my Dad’s favorite bands growing up, and they rubbed off on me. I’d love to hear them sing their greatest hits.
  8. Jimmy Buffett
    Not going to lie, this one is for the experience amongst the Parrotheads more than anything else. Also, more than likely, if I’m at a Buffett concert, I’m at the beach….
  9. Shania Twain
    When I think of Shania, I think of my childhood/teenage years. I owned all her CDs and can still sing them word-for-word. Her concert would be a blast for me, just so I could pretend being a 13 year old singing my heart out in my room again.
  10. Michael Buble
    This spot truefully belongs to John Mayer, but I’ve seen him sing two songs live at one of the All for the Hall shows, so he’s disqualified. Love Michael Buble though, even if Brett thinks he’s a lounge singer. Well then take me to that lounge!

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here. Who would be on your musical bucket list?



  1. I have seen James Taylor and it was a fantastic show! So laid back but great! We have seen Buffett several times and if you do get to see him, I would suggest to go to an outdoor venue and the smaller the better! It is such a fun, fun time. However, you must be ready to be in a jam packed crowd and be prepared to see A LOT of things that you wouldn’t normally see at a concert!!!

    • Ahhh I never knew that! I’m jealous about James & Jimmy. Oh I’ve heard some stories about a Buffett concert…definitely would want to be outside! Funny story about Johnny Cash … my Dad was the best man in one of Carlene Carter’s weddings, which involved going to the Cash house. He said Johnny was great, and that June Carter offered him a biscuit about twenty times. ha! Love Johnny (and Jonnie). :)

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