Take It With A Grain of Sand

Greetings from Perdido!

I have enjoyed a wonderful week of sun, sand, and the sea with my darling husband.  We still have one more day o’ fun before the drive home, but it’s been SO nice to not think at all about work,  Master’s classes (well, mostly… I had to post discussion responses Sunday night), and the other daily chores. Plus, I don’t have to worry about what we’ll have for dinner. (Brett would argue that I never worry about that, but we won’t bring that up). :-)

And while I could write a really sweet, tender blog about how everyday I’m reminded how God planned the perfect guy for me, I will save you from the sap. (Off topic: Why do couples have to post their unconditional love for each other on Facebook nearly daily??? Look, I post the occasional I love you to Brett or a sweet status, but if I want to write an essay to him, I know where he lives. End of rant).

Instead, I decided to write about my raves and pet peeves of the beach. Now, I am what they call “Beach Extraordinaire” (don’t ask me who ‘they’ is… just go with it). I’ve gone since in the womb at least once a year.  And over the course of my at least twenty-three beach trips, you begin to pick up on things that you adore and things that make you want to stick your head in the sand.

Please hold the applause until the end of the show.


  1. The ocean: Of course! Its beauty and majesty never cease to remind me of the Almighty God we serve.
  2. The sand: Some people hate the sand, but I love it! Can’t have the sea without the sand.
  3. Reading: I haven’t gotten into a book this trip, but I have read a few magazines. One of my favorite things to do that I don’t get to much because my reading time is devoted to textbooks.
  4. Walks: This is going to sound kind of sad, but I probably get the most exercise during my week on the beach. I’ll walk a mile twice a day without even realizing it. Why can’t Tennessee have one of those?!
  5. Sleeping to the Waves: Our condo has a window looking right out to the ocean in the bedroom, and we have had it opened all week with the screen covered. It’s straight up magical falling asleep to the waves and waking up to them too.
  6. Condo Living: I wouldn’t want to live in a condo back home, but at the beach it’s my preferred way to stay. I love the pools, the units are nice, and it’s just enough space to spread out but not be too far away. If that makes any sense.
  7. Eating Out: Feeling ZERO guilt about eating out every night of the week. :-) (When we have kids, that will change… so we are taking advantage!)
  8. Groceries: This is going to sound weird, but I love going to the grocery store (Publix) as soon as we unpack. We pick out just about anything we want… cokes, popcorn, candy, chips, and yes, we got some healthy things too… love to eat fruit on the beach!
  9. Donuts for Breakfast: Need I say more.
  10. Stress Free Living: When we’re here, we are as low key as we can be. We don’t argue (us? argue? NEVER! ;)), we stay up, we sleep in, we eat what we want, we swim… you get the picture.


  1. Boom Boxes: So, let me get this straight. The sound of the waves aren’t good enough for you, so you need to bring your 90s boom box and BLARE your country music, and in doing so, everyone within FIFTY FEET of you has to hear your awful Toby Keith tunes.  They invented this really cool thing called HEADPHONES. Use them.
  2. Two Pieces: Takinis are fine, but bikinis should be outlawed for one reason only: 99% of ladies who wear them shouldn’t (I would include myself in that group). Some girls who have such cute figures make themselves look like they have extra weight when they really don’t, but they insist on the bikini. I don’t get it. Leave some things to the imagination…
  3. Speedos: I really don’t need to explain, do I?
  4. Litterbugs: I don’t think the sea creatures enjoy your glass bottles.
  5. Cigar Smokers: This kinda goes back to the boom box, but everyone around you smells your nasty cigar. Have it somewhere where no one will vom from the smell, k thanks?
  6. Double Parkers: The condo parking lot is limited, so could your SUV learn how to park? (I’m looking at you, Kentucky drivers). ;)
  7. Parents: Ok, not ALL parents. 99% of the parents at the beach are awesome and so fun to watch them play with their kiddos. However, (and this is really about a restaurant on the beach, but oh well) when your child (who is at least 5 years old) is SQUEALING at the HIGHEST PITCH in the restaurant, and you continue to play on your iPhone, the teacher in me wants to make that child pull her card and think about her choices. And yours too. There, I feel much better.
  8. Those Loud Paddleball thingamajigs: You know the ones I’m talking about. They tend to make the loudest BOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNG sound anytime it hits the ball. As a kid, I can see the appeal. But seeing adults use them? Only if you are on a private beach where no one has to hear your boooinnngs.
  9. White Shirt, Khaki Shorts Combo: It kind of became a running joke with Brett and me, as we would take drives to Gulf Shores, or stare out on the balcony: “Family picture time! White shirt, khaki shorts!” I know that’s an easy solution for everyone, but let’s show some creativity people!
  10. Those Who Take Forever at the Hose: By the time you’re walking in from a day at the beach, you are exhausted and the only place you want to be is in your condo taking a shower. So, after walking what feels like a football field length of hot sand, you are ready to quickly rinse off your feet and supplies and head up. However, the people in front of you are interested in cleaning off EVERY SINGLE GRAIN OF SAND off of themselves and seem to be in no hurry at all, despite you standing there. This happened to Brett and me yesterday, except the man was SPRAYING OFF THE STEPS. We were seriously standing there holding the chairs, umbrellas, cooler, book bag, etc and he says “Hi” and CONTINUES TO SPRAY THE STEPS OFF.

Having said allllll of that, there is no place I’d rather be.  Would just enjoy it more if we had some friends and family down here too!

I hope you get your toes in the sand wherever that may be! The lake, the ocean, or your own backyard.



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