Finally Fall

Oh, dear blog and five readers, I’ve neglected you so!

In a completely unsurprising turn of events, life has cranked up since July to this first day of Fall due to teaching, grad school, hanging out with my people, and well… life.

I don’t have a coherent idea of a blog topic, but felt the need to update for myself. I get a kick out of reading old posts (the first being counting down until I was married). I’m just going to write a list until my mind goes blank.

(This is the moment where clicking the ‘x’ or “back” is perfectly acceptable).

  1. Life has been extremely hard for many whom I care about… friends at school, friends at church, and elsewhere.  While the news from friends can still put my stomach in knots, I do not know how people live this life without faith in Jesus. He is the only Comforter, Peace, and the Rock that will satisfy.
  2. I became VERY excited when I got an email that I needed to complete my “Intent to Graduate” form for May a few days ago. I am so ready to be done with grad school. It’s not that really consumes my time (although it can of course), but it’s just “there.” Grateful for it, but ready to have it on my resume and not in my life. :-)
  3. Speaking of, my lovely alma mater and current educational institution sends me requests for donations all of the time. Let’s see, between my husband and I, we’ve paid enough to buy a house in the south of France. Ok, maybe not that much, but I don’t know how clear I could be when I say, “NOT A CHANCE.”
  4. Which brings me to another point, I have to pay $225 “graduation fee” even though I’m not walking at graduation. (Long story short, my parents and I do not want to sit through another 3 hour ceremony when I can sleep in and celebrate at lunch later that day. Amen). CU gave me a long list of why (can you believe POSTAGE was one? So a $200 stamp?), but it didn’t convince me. Plus, those Master’s outfits are tragic.
  5. Team-teaching rules. Don’t get me wrong, we’re a little tight for space, but I (and I truly think the kids) am LOVING it. Of course, the three main reasons are an awesome “co-teacher” who happens to be one of my best friends and a super teacher, fabulous students who work hard, and supportive families (and administration). I feel like the kids are getting the best of both of us. And not gonna lie, when I woke up in the middle of the night sick Thursday night, I sure was grateful to be able to text my lovely co-teacher and tell her I was sick as a dog and couldn’t make it and DIDN’T HAVE TO WRITE SUB PLANS! God bless. (STOKED for our construction too, though!)
  6. Speaking of school, I realize it more and more how I am in such a great school environment. The “little things” really add up to a lot and it feels more like a family everyday, especially with all the real-life things going on.  Still count my blessings that I somehow got sent to West for student teaching when I had requested another school. I believe that’s what we call a “God thing.”
    Awesome school family (minus a few people that weren’t there for this picture).
  7. Do you know what scores you major wife points? When you bring home your sick wife three Reese’s pumpkins. That’s what scores you major wife points.
  8. Forget summer (shocking from a teacher), but football season is the best of all. The lazy Saturday mornings with College Gameday, the excuse for a plethora of dips and football foods, and of course the joy (and agony) of screaming at the TV is the stuff the South is made of.
  9. This is a dream college football season for this Alabama fan. The Tide is rolling,  Akron (Akron!) just went up on the Vols near the half, Auburn was lucky to beat LA-Monroe, and Lane Kiffin is already out of the national championship picture. That’ll preach.
  10. My husband wore crimson pants to a wedding today and I wore my houndstooth dress. We were a match made in Crimson Tide frat/sorority heaven. I only wish I had a picture to prove this.
  11. I do not get the fascination of people who wait in line or at home all day for the new iPhone. …It will be for sale in a store the next week, right? And your current phone works perfectly fine? I digress.
  12. I may alienate some people, but I couldn’t stand this political election more if I tried. I am not particularly fond of either candidate, but I’ll vote on issues I care about. As my wise Daddy always told me when I asked who he was voting for, “I vote against people.” Truer words have never been spoken.
  13. That is all, dear readers. Perhaps the next time you’ll hear from me is when I’m on vacation on Sanibel Island in a few days. As one of my favorite expressions goes, “May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes.” 
  14. I just didn’t want to end on 13. Bad mojo.

Hopefully, no one commits one of my Top Ten Beach Peeves. (If I hear ONE boom box on this breathtaking island, I might chuck it into the Gulf).

Hakuna Matata!


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