I’m More of Ham Than a Turkey

Ahh. November.

That time of the year where elementary teachers are finding any activity related to a turkey they can find, your thermostat is officially changed over to heat (unless you live in Tennessee, can I get an amen?), and suddenly everyone and their mother shares thankful thoughts on Facebook.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I quite enjoy a good thankful post.  It makes me think of things I’ve taken for granted . And sometimes, I may even feel a little social network guilt that I don’t post my daily thankful tidbit o’ the day.

But, here’s some real talk.

Some days my Facebook status is my source for generic venting, and I don’t feel like sharing a ray of sunshine. I enjoy reading your posts, but I’m sitting over here like this:


And I don’t need that self-imposed responsibility of sharing happy thoughts all day ev’ry day during the month of November.

(Before someone tells me, yes I have some thing- many, many things- to be thankful for every single day. I just don’t always feel like sharing it. This is very much a first-world problem.)

However, I do have at least thirty things to be thankful for that I’d like to knock out in one blog post.

If that’s not the spirit, then what is?

Thirty Thankful Things (yes, one being alliteration):

  1. Always first, my salvation with Jesus Christ and His dying on the cross for little ole me. Simply, there is nothing more important. I hope and pray His Light shines through me.
  2. My husband of 17 months and 1 day (I sound like one of those mamas clinging to her baby’s month-old status. “He’s 27 months!”).  He brings me breakfast, holds my hand at church, takes care of Howie the Honda, takes me on date nights, goes grocery shopping with me, and shares the chores. And that was just this weekend. Love.
  3. My Mama & Daddy- Well, everyone says it, but I really do have the best parents a gal can have. Couldn’t have better examples. They support me in more ways than I can list and still treat me like their little girl (ie Dad trading meals with me at Chili’s a few days ago because mine didn’t come out right).
  4. Hermitage Hills Baptist Church– It’s so exciting to be a part of a church making a difference in the city, state, country, and globally.  As our pastor of the church plant in Guatemala proved yesterday, the Gospel is ONE language.
  5. Our Home– We are so blessed with our first (and yes, hopefully last –  we are long-term buyers on just about everything, unless we hit the lottery, and then it’s BEACHHOUSE) home. It’s perfect for us.
  6. West Elementary– It’s a special place full of special people. Couldn’t be more blessed to be a part of this school family. (Even if hard hats may be our best friend).
  7. Team-Teaching– IT HAS BEEN A BLAST.  Mornings are a little bit easier knowing I will be greeted with some awesome students excited to see me. Our kiddos are eager to learn, have fun personalities, and just a sweet group. Without a doubt, Mrs. Jones is a big part of that. I couldn’t team-teach with just anyone. I’m so glad she’s the pb to my j. :-)
  8. All of the Friends & Fam: I know it’s a cheap route, but I’m thankful for a great family and in laws- aunts, uncles, cousins, and of course, my grandparents- all of whom are waiting for me in Heaven. Close friends that I can call no matter how long it’s been to vent or just shoot the breeze .
  9. Sweet clementines!
  10. Mrs. Kerney- Other than family, I have a hard time thinking of someone else who has made that big of an impact on my life. She was such a great cooperating teacher when I was nervous (on the inside!) student teacher, my biggest cheerleader at West, and she continues to give me invaluable advice and “heads up” as her coworker.  Love you, Stace!
  11. Duck Dynasty. I’m just now really getting into that show, and it makes me happy happy happy, even if I’m probably a “yuppy” according to Phil Robertson.
  12. Pinterest. Recipes, lesson ideas, too-true-eCards… it is the gift that keeps on giving.
  13. Signing up for my last semester of grad school last week! So ready to have that degree IN THE PAST. :-)
  14. The Alabama Crimson Tideyes, even after the loss. Be careful, UT friends gloating. Let me count the ways you’ve lost this year… ;) (I may or may not have worn all black in mourning of the perfect season, though).
  15. A sweet necklace a student gave me last yearit’s locket with all the things he included about me: an apple for teaching, a palm tree, a heart, my birthstone, and especially sweet… a cross. It makes me smile every time I wear it.
  16. Students from the past- I’m pretty sure all those hugs I (and Mrs. Jones) get on the way to the afternoon bus may be frowned upon since it can hold up the traffic flow, but I love them. And the waves in the hallway. And the sweet little notes/small gifts from those former students. Sniff sniff.
  17. Democracy– The guy I voted for didn’t win, not that I was his biggest fan, but you know, the sun came up the next day. We live in a free country.  Not to mention there are no more political ads… I could not take another commercial approved by _______________.
  18. History Channel. I am now officially old.
  19. Sprite. Some things never change.
  20. Old t-shirts that Brett wore many moons ago- the most comfy shirts for after school EVER.
  21. My iPhone. I ain’t even gonna lie.
  22. Jon Acuff. He makes me laugh and think. Plus, if you do not know the term, “Jesus Juke,” I’m not sure we can be friends.
  23. Cheddar’s onion rings- My stomach was growling all through the service yesterday morning. I was afraid the pastors would hear me. When lunch came around and this appetizer was served, I’m pretty sure a light shone from above.
  24. Christmas Music– Brett walked in and “White Christmas” was playing as I was cooking dinner. This is not unusual for November for me. Thanksgiving is really a meal, people. It’s time to bring out the Christmas cheer (and sing loud for all to hear).
  25. BrainPOP, Jr. Shoutout to our PAWS (who could also be on this list) for purchasing this for our school. It’s a 2nd grade teacher’s life-saver for a quick intro to a lesson.
  26. Friday Night Lights– Stop reading this.  If you never watched the show, thank me later and go buy all of the seasons. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

  27. Our “I Love You Because…” sign. Best $5 and 15 minutes I spent all summer. So fun to see the sweet (and silly) messages we leave for each other.
  28. The American Pickers– It’s a small travesty that I haven’t been to their Nashville store, yet. Part of the reason is because since I watch the show, I know how expensive all of their farm fresh finds are… I’m sure it’s still fun to go through the “tonage” though.
  29. Sonic’s Happy Hour… which just so happens to fall right after school gets out… that’ll preach.
  30. Merle Haggard. It just seemed right. ‘Cause that’s the way love goes.

And I bet you’re thankful this list is over. See, now you can hear read my random thoughts and vents the rest of November, now that you know what I’m officially thankful for.

And that’s something we can all give thanks about. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!


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