I Go Back

I’m trying to get over the shock that tomorrow is the last day of February. Seems like just yesterday I was outlawing leggings as pants for 2013, and we are already two months in to the year.

For the record, I am pleased to report that the leggings as pants trend seems to be dying.

Oh. Nevermind. Girl on American Idol just sang in from of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE wearing leggings as pants.

However, Duck Dynasty comes back on tonight, so there’s hope for America.

Phil Robertson

I am about halfway through my LAST semester of my Master’s Degree and I am so. SO. excited. That’s a different post for a different day, but knocking out endless busy work assignments has caused me to use my iTunes library more than ever.  Babygirl needs James Taylor and many others to comfort her in these last days of graduate school.

As the great poet Kenny Chesney stated, there are some songs that just take you back to that time and that place.  So each time one of these songs begins, memories flood a’plenty.

I narrowed it to six, but I think I could have easily made it sixty. I left out “Sweet Home Alabama” because you shouldn’t have to read a five-paragraph essay about the greatness of that song.

“I Go Back” by Kenny Chesney

I know, I know. Obvious choice since the whole song is about other songs creating a memory. However, I went to his concert right when this song became popular. My friend and I made shirts that said, “I GO BACK to the Guitars, Tiki Bars, and A Whole Lotta Love Tour.”
We even bought green shirts and wrote in yellow paint. You know, John Deere colors, because his tractor’s sexy and all that.  As 16 year olds, we were charming.

“100 Years” by Five for Fighting

Senior Night, 2006… my friend and I had just won “Best Hair” for the class of ’06 at MJHS (take that, hair products!).  We accepted the “award” and then go around to the lobby of the gym to go back to the auditorium and join the audience. We’re laughing about the whole thing, but then he told me he was set to perform next and he was so nervous.  I gave him a little pep talk, and a few minutes later, he was on stage and sang this song. He KILLED it. Standing ovation from everyone.

I’m sure he doesn’t remember that, but I always think of that moment before he went on when I hear this song. Plus, that song is super nostalgic, and we were all about to graduate high school… not too many dry eyes in the house.

“All or Nothing At All” by O-town

It’s safe to say that nobody would’ve predicted O-town to make an appearance on this list.  True confession, I watched that band get created on Making the Band back in the day. I remember singing it with my high school buds. Of course, I took it a step further and I bought their CD. Basically, in the early 00s, find me a boy band, and I’ll find you their CD in my CD case I got from the orthodontist.

However, when on the road to Perdido in 2010 with Brett, this song came on my iPod shuffle. And immediately Brett and I broke out into song and recorded the results. A few days later, he proposed to me.  And the song I remember from that trip? Oh yes. All or Nothing At All.


“Goodbye Earl” by the Dixie Chicks

Let’s just say, my best friend had a rough relationship back in high school days.  He was a jerk to her, but thankfully, it only lasted a few days. Which was the perfect amount of time for us to take this song and replace their names with ours and replace Earl with his. It was therapeutic. To this day, when this song comes on, I sing our version.

“Mighty to Save” by Hillsong

This one is simple and sweet. One of my good friends got in an awful boating accident in 2011.  He was in a coma, and it would take several paragraphs to describe his injuries. His prognosis was grim. However, he had a sweet, Christian family and girlfriend (now his wife). They set up a prayer time at her church one Friday evening. It was just come-and-go between certain hours. I was emotional about the whole thing, of course, but there was a peaceful feeling that comes with faith in our sovereign God.  So, I sat down with Brett in a pew up front, began praying, and this song came on the background.  And God’s presence was palpable.

To those who don’t know, he woke up, recovered from his injuries, and is a married and successful young man. We serve a great God!

“Wave on Wave” by Pat Green

Quite simply, this song came on one nigh while Brett and I had only been dating a few months. He told me this song reminded me of him and our relationship. And I was like Awwwww. And I still am. ;)

I could go on…. and on….. and on…. but I’m making myself stop (in the name of love).

Which song(s) take you back to that time and place?


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