Putting the Brakes on Spring Break

Spring has sprung.

Except for the whole WEATHER WARMING UP THING.

Minor details.

I have been on Spring Break the past two weeks and have loved every minute of it. Well, except for the day in Florida when I had the 24 hour stomach bug. However, I was at the beach, so was life really all that bad?


The answer is always no.

(Unless you are near the beach on a Carnival cruise. Then, there is the potential for disaster).

(Which, with all of this cruise meltdowns happening lately, has only reaffirmed my belief that I will NEVER EVER go on a cruise.)

(The idea of being stuck with a boat-load – literally – of strangers, in a tiny room, along the motion of the waves, with the potential for bathrooms and electricity to stop working, sounds like work. But if a cruise is your idea of fun, then whatever floats your boat).

(See what I did there?)

I cannot tell you how much I am dreading the sound of the alarm clock. I mean, I’ve heard it when Brett has to go to work, but is there any sleep more blissful than when someone else has to get up for work, but you get to stay in the warm, soft bed until your body naturally wakes you up?

Sorry dear, but no. No, there’s not.

And before I hear about it (because I live with a non-teaching human being, so I do), I know, I know…. most jobs don’t get a Spring Break. I get it and I empathize with you, I really do. I wish I could be the Genie and grant you all a break. The lack of breaks is one of the reasons why I don’t work with adults.

Actually, there are several reasons why I don’t spend all of my day with all adults. Because when a 7 year old makes a poor choice, I remember they’re seven. And then they drop their pin. And lose a few minutes of Recess. And they can’t go to the Treasure Chest that week.

I don’t think it would go over well to ask an adult to drop their pin, lose ten minutes of their lunch break, and take part of their paycheck, but I have a feeling I would be way too tempted.

Also, this:


I have no idea if this is really accurate, but I’m going with it. After all, I’m still on Spring Break, so I don’t have to think. (Ba-dum, tssssssh!)

Actually, that’s not true. I’ve done more thinking than I’d like to think, as I’ve been knocking out graduate assignments left and right. I’ve done several assignments that aren’t due until the middle of April because I’m not DEAD TO THE WORLD after 3 p. m. these past two weeks, so you know, it’s a plus.

Of course, because most college professors believe that you have nothing else better to do with your time and you are only taking their class, I’m sure more assignments will pop up until then.

But I say, bring. it. on. (Unless my professor somehow sees this, in which I totally don’t mean that and you are not one of those professors I’m referring to).

I’m so close to May, I can feel it (not due to the weather, though). Honestly, I’m really thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to soon have my Master’s Degree. I’m really glad God allowed it to happen before we start a family.

Speaking of which, when Brett and I were engaged and were dreaming all the time about our future, I remember thinking 2013 will probably be the year we think about having a baby.

Then, all of the sudden…. it’s 2013.

And… uhhhh… not yet. It will be a total joy when it happens (Lord-willing), but we are enjoying going out to eat when we feel like it and sleep and taking a beach trip without packing for a kid and sleep and watching The Big Bang Theory with a bowl of ice cream late at night and sleep.

Of course, the old saying is true… If you wanna hear God laugh, tell Him your plans. So if it happens this year, there will be tears. Eventually of joy.

(Just kidding).


Really though, a Master’s Degree is a big deal to me and I never in a million years thought I’d have any degree beyond my Bachelor’s.

However, mark my words. I am done come May. Done with any schooling where I am the student. I’ll stick with teaching my second grade darlings.

Speaking of which (again), as much as I’m dreading that alarm clock, I am really looking forward to seeing those thirty second-graders. After a break, they always look taller and act older, and I love receiving those hugs when they come in that morning.

My ears are already preparing for the Spring Break tales.

I am really going to try to enjoy these last nine weeks though, despite all the test prep, testing, and events that will keep us busy, busy, busy. This has been a special group and special year.  I have loved team-teaching and these kiddos have such a sweet spirit. I say it every year, but the kids are truly the reason why I’m in this career.

But the breaks come a close second.


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