Mama Tried

Not everyone can say they sang along with Keith Urban and friends, saw a Broadway show, took walks on the beach, and laughed at Grumpy Cat pictures within the past couple of months…. with their Mom.


But I can.

(Totally serious about the Grumpy Cat pictures… we were laughing so hard, I’m pretty sure tears ran down my leg).

But can you blame us? I mean, I dare you not to laugh or at least smile:


I’m lucky and I know it.  My Dad jokes (I think) that we’re like sisters because we are so alike that sometimes we butt heads just like sisters, but then we are laughing over it ten minutes later. But I think we’re more like best friends. My Mom is the first person I think of when a great concert comes to town or when I see something so stupid it’s funny, I have to share it with her because I know she’ll get the same, huge laugh that I did.

(See Cat, Grumpy)

I’m also lucky enough to call her a coworker.  My Dad and Brett are awesome listeners and empathize the best they can.  However, only my Mom knows what it’s like when there’s a rough day at school or you are so overwhelmed with whatever the new-“it”-thing is that’s being passed down from the state that all I have to do is email her with, “SERENITY NOW” and she totally gets it.


Speaking of work, she’s the teacher I’m still trying to be. She gets her babies reading and learning and loves them like her own. She’s firm, but gentle. Her “kids” love her and they know she loves them too. Just this past week, one of her students who transferred to my school this year, found me in the hallway.  Our conversation went like this:

Sweet 1st Grader: “Mrs. Schultz?”
Me: “Hey, sweetie!”
Sweet 1st Grader: “Will you tell your Mom I love her?”
Me: “I sure will. I bet I can tell you what she’ll say back. Do you know?”
Sweet 1st Grader: “That she loves me too.”

My Mom is also one of the (if not, the) strongest Christians I know. She knows the Word inside and out (just bring up predestination vs. free will or any social topic and she’s faster than the first place winner of the Bible Drill competition).

But beyond that, she is firm in her salvation and more than anything, wants to be like Christ and help the world know Him. She led me to receive Christ during one of our nightly Bible studies as a kid, and again when I was 13 and going through some serious self-doubt, she was by my side when I re-dedicated my young life.

I could go on for days, but you all catch my drift. My Mama is the best there is, and as I start to think (key word: think) about becoming a mama in the next couple of years, I think of ways to be more and more like her. And I take more and more pride when I hear,

“You sound just like your mama.”


I love you, madre.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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