Beat This Summer (and the Bathroom Rugs)

Happy Summer Solstice!

It’s the longest day of the year.

Actually, as my friend Joe loves to remind everyone, the day is still 24 hours long. It’s just the day with the most daylight.

I am in the midst of my summer break from school and I’m trying to not pay attention that we’re already in the TWENTIES of June. Because, as a teacher, I go back in the TWENTIES of July.

However, I’m going to just ignore the date on the calendar and continue with this mindset (except without the “its” typo, which is unfortunate):


This summer is a whole lot happier due to the expensive simple fact that I have my Master’s Degree!

(Of course, the state of Tennessee may change my happiness over said degree, since they seem to be on a rampage of robbing the joys of teaching by adding more and more and taking away more and more, but that’s a whole different post. In which I don’t want to lose my teaching license over a blog post, so it will probably stay permanently in my drafts).

(But I digress).

I just remember thinking last summer…

…This is the only summer you will have to write approximately 342 discussion posts over educational practices that never exist in the real classroom.

…This is the only summer you have to read an incredibly boring novel and then write a paper where you gush over it so much, you make your own self sick.

…This is the only summer where you have to read endless chapters on educational theories and not books such as Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer.

(By the way, I just finished it and I can’t recommend it enough. Even if you blasphemously don’t like Alabama football, it’s more about the SEC football experience as a fan. Spoiler Alert: The last sentence of the book, though, is, “Roll Tide!”)

It sure is a nice feeling to be done.  Besides accomplishing a life goal, I have been able to…

– Complete four puzzles (one in which was 2000 pieces. I have high goals).

Make my first wreath (in which I did zero intertwining and instead used my best friend, Mr. Hot Glue Gun. A lot less heartache, amen).


Keep in mind, this wreath will probably stay on our door until I’m at least 42.

– Participate in a great Ladies Bible Study called No Other Gods. Speaking of studies, my Mom is writing some great devotions on her blog. I’m proud of her! You should read them.

– Wash the bath rug (the one under our counter/sinks. Not the one we use to stand on from the shower. Clarification is important here). I looked at it yesterday and thought, “I’m not sure I’ve washed it in the two years it’s been here.” I’ve beaten it to death, but never washed it. It’s like it’s brand new! The wonders of washing machine technology! I have no shame.

– Go to more of dear husband’s softball games, which he laments I just sit there and talk. However, this is church league softball, so it’s all about the fellowship. (I do love watching him when he’s at bat, though. Wink wink).

Ran once. Look, when I came back in, I thought I was dying. So it’s better for my health that I don’t.

– Just kidding, all you weird people who love to run. I’ll start back when I get back from FL and double my running total of 2012. I am nothing, if not motivated. (I am not calling you weird out of jealousy, nope… not at all).

Speaking of Florida, we leave for the beach tomorrow and I caaaaahhnnnn’t wait.

However, I am not looking forward to the road part of said road trip. I can’t stand it. Inevitably, I will launch into my tirade about how semi-trucks and Kentucky drivers should be banned from the roads.

(In which either Brett or my Dad tries to evokes reason that we have to have them, but I will not hear it).

(The semi-trucks, that is).

(I think they’re on the same page about Kentucky drivers. THE LEFT LANE IS USED TO PASS. GET OVER)!

So clearly, I need the beach to unwind from said road rage.

I also get the most exercise of the year when I’m at the beach. I walk at least a mile or two everyday, not to mention trying not to lose my balance battling the Gulf’s waves.

I think we can make the conclusion that the beach is great for my health, and I think that’s a great note to end on.

(I just won’t mention the daily donuts for breakfast and fried food for dinner, if you won’t).

Happy Summer!


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