Maybe I Should Join the Summer Reading Program

Well, we are in the double-digits of July.

Officially two more weeks of Summer Break (at least for us teachers). It is now completely appropriate for all education professionals to wear black.

(Although, several of us are still attending inservices and preparing upcoming lessons, and creating a a Happy and Safe Learning Enviroment if said environment isn’t under construction).

(You know us teachers, we have to point this out to everyone who says, “But you get three months off!”)

(I can now continue with a clear conscience).

Summer 2013 will be known as the season in which I returned to reading.

Wait a second, I’m a teacher, what do you mean return?  Oh, you’re right, I do read children’s books, articles, textbooks, various important pieces of educational issues (of course).

Let me rephrase.

Summer 2013 will be known as the season in which I READ FOR PURE, LITERARY ENJOYMENT.

I kind of forgot how much I enjoy reading a book that I can’t put down.  I haven’t read all that much, but enough to consistently visit the library every other week and use my library card with my rad 4th grade signature, no less.

I’ve already been told I should get a Kindle or a Nook, and they’re probably right. However, I become my Mama when I said I love the feel of a REAL BOOK. I stare at a screen too much as it is, so I like reading from real pages and then admiring my accomplishment of how much I read while rockin’ on the front porch until dark.

You gotta count those small victories, friends. And sometimes getting through that chapter with no(!) dialogue is it.

Here are my Top 3 so far. I’d LOVE to hear yours.

1.  A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet

I don’t remember how or when exactly, but a few years ago I stumbled upon Sophie Hudson’s blog, BooMama. I’ve been one of her “tens of readers” since. Simply put, she can make me laugh or reflect unlike just about any writer.  This is her first book and it’s in my Top 5 of EVER (that’s high marks, my friends).  Each chapter is a short story about her (very Southern) family, and I don’t care if you live in Tennessee or New York (bless your heart), you will relate.  Read it! I’ll be happy to let you borrow.

2. Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

My Mama has been mentioning this book to me for a few years, and I put it off.  Well, I read it in the course of two days on the beach.  My tan (really! I really got one this year!) thanks it for keeping me on the beach because I couldn’t put it down. It’s the story of a young girl with a tough life, who moves to Savannah, GA to start over.  Funny characters, addictive plot… so good.

3. The Secret Life of Bees

I posted on Facebook after I finished CeeCee, and one of my friends recommended this one. Loved it! If you enjoyed CeeCee, you’d like this one. Although, it’ll give you a hankerin’ for some honey. You’ve been warned.

I just started Yankee Doodle Dixie (do you sense I enjoy a Southern novel?) and Redeeming Love is next on my list.

I’d love to hear which books should be next on my list. (By the way, I did sneak Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen the past couple of years. Adore is not a strong enough word).

What’s my number one favorite book of all time? Charlotte’s Web? No, you heathen!

The Bible.

I think a Jesus Juke is always a great way to wrap up a blog.


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