Sittin’ in a Beach Chair on the Driveway

Happy (Well-deserved) Spring Break to all my fellow educators!

As I’ve said before, I am so terribly sorry if you don’t get a Spring Break.  I work in education to make a difference in a child’s life, but the breaks come a close second.

Especially on 70s degree days when I’m not trapped inside.

(I am totally ignoring the 40s in the forecast for TOMORROW. See no evil).

On this particularly warm day in March here in Tennessee, I spent my day as follows:

1. Go for a run jog walk.

Well, I did jog in intervals. I just jogged from the corner of my road all the way down the street TO THE STOP SIGN. I nearly died. After walking/jogging along a path in my neighborhood, I checked the handy-dandy “Map My Walk” app to see how many cookies I could devour tonight.  

And it had to be mistaken. I looked at the calories burned on my marathon trek. IT WAS EIGHTY-NINE MEASLY CALORIES.

I’m not sure that even covers one of the (delicious) “Skinny” Strawberry Cookies I made last night.

But just in case it did, I’ve had three today.

2. Vacuum/Clean out my car

Howie the Honda was in better shape compared to most, but when you grow up with a Daddy whose cleaning habits are akin to Danny Tanner’s, you know how your car should look in the interior.

Let’s just say he’d be ashamed of the three peanut M&Ms I found in the backseat floor.

At least I think they were peanut M&Ms. They were so, ahem, aged that it was my best guess.
3. Read my new book “The Antelope in the Living Room.”

Embedded image permalink

In case you’re wondering, this book is by Melanie Shankle. I read her blog nearly everyday and I love how she intertwines humor with faith with the normal day-to-day activities.  This book is all about marriage and I’ve laughed out loud multiple times already.

But that is beside the point.

(At this point, you may be wondering what the point is).

I found my beach chair, plopped it right below the steps to our front porch, put my Sprite in the cupholder, and read my book.

Oh yes, I got a few strange looks.

Was it the beach? No, but that’s okay. Because I was enjoying the breeze, the warmth after living in the tundra for three months, and my book.

I think a lot of time we look at other people’s lives and think the grass is greener (or the sand is softer, in my case). 

That couple who post essays of their affection for one another on Facebook. Weekly.

That coworker who gets all the kudos.

That Mama who cooks the perfect meal every night.

Their lives look put together, but what about yours (mine)?

Meanwhile, that couple might look to have a happy marriage, but your husband writes you surprise love notes or thanks you in person.  That coworker might be getting some well-deserved kudos, but you receive an out-of-the-blue email that is better than any kudos you could’ve gotten.  That Mama worked hard on that meal all day, but your husband complimented your frozen meal like it was gourmet.

Instead of sulking about what we don’t have, it’s time we considered how blessed we all are. It’s a daily reminder for me, too, so don’t feel alone when you find yourself on a guilt-trip.

It is all about perspective. Sometimes we forget just how great we’ve got it, including myself.

So, on our next gorgeous Tennessee day, pull a beach chair up next to me on my driveway.

I’ll even squirt you with a water gun if it makes you feel like you’re at the beach.

And I’ll definitely give you a strawberry cookie without reminding how many calories you (haven’t) burned.




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