You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide (Except the RoseArt Supplies)

Y’all. You might want to sit down.

Target has their school supplies out.

Not even kidding, this was the exchange between the friendly Target associate and myself this morning:

(Me: Staring. Just staring at the supplies out).
Target Girl: “Umm, ma’am, can I help you find something?”
Me: “What? Oh… no thanks. I’m. just. looking.”

If you’re a teacher and you don’t feel a little bit of dread, then I won’t call you a liar… liar.  But there’s also a little bit of excitement at all the bright colors.

Here’s a few of the questions that roll through a teacher’s brain when the clearance stickers are on the summer gear and the stacks of notebook paper make their appearance.

Wasn’t it just May 31st and I literally danced down the hallway?

Did I not just turn in my lesson plan book?

How are school supplies already back out and I’ve only tried one Pinterest recipe?

If I was sitting at the pool, I would’ve never seen this.
If I just stayed home and watched HGTV, I would’ve never seen this.

Why are they selling RoseArt?
Don’t they know RoseArt crayons are basically just hot glue gun sticks, except that hot glue gun sticks put a little more color on paper?
Maybe if I hide all of the RoseArt supplies nobody will buy them.

Do I even have my school keys?


I have taken advantage of being able to use the restroom when I want.

Oh. Lunchboxes. Don’t remind me. My “WHAT’S IN THE PANTRY?!” lunches have worked out so well and require zero packing.

Why didn’t I do at least ONE craft I pinned on Pinterest?

At the same time, these thoughts are bouncing around that teacher’s brain too:

Everything is so new and pretty!

LOOK AT THAT AISLE OF CRAYOLA! It’s making me tickle-me-pink.

Those pencils are so sharp.
And with the original eraser.
And without teeth marks.

Colored pens. I’m not sure if I have that shade of purple. And it’s got a grip!My husband won’t mind if I go ahead and buy a few. After all, it’s FOR THE CHILDREN.

That would look just darlin’ laminated.


Those full bottles of Germ-X. The scent of the classroom.

Look at those lunchboxes. A new lunchbox would change my pb & j outlook.


I saw someone use a a composition book, brads, and five different colors of construction paper on Pinterest.
I’ll go ahead and get them.
I know me, I’ll totally do that Pinterest project.

It’s a backpack bag of mixed emotions.

Ultimately, the new school supplies represent a new year full of possibilities and potential. But they also represent that our days are numbered, friends.

Enjoy these last few weeks!



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