The Tide is Turning

Tomorrow morning, my alarm clock will be used for the first time in seventeen days. I do realize that garners approximately zero percent sympathy from most of you, and probably rightly so, but talk to the (returning) dark circles.

I mean, I woke up at 8:15 this morning for church and you would’ve thought it was 4:30 on the farm and I had to go collect eggs from the hens.

(Is that what farmers do at 4:30 in the morning? My farming experience is petting some farm animals and that’s about it).

Point being, y’all, THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL. So I’m sure tomorrow morning, I will be an udder delight.

(Let the farm thing goooo, let it gooooo!)

However, I can’t complain. I had a fabulous Fall Break.

I’m not going to lie though, it was a little bittersweet.

Hear me out here.

Sweet husband and I spent eight full days in sunny Florida. And it really was sunny. We didn’t see a drop of rain where we were staying and hardly any clouds. The water was perfect, the temperature was just hot enough to not be miserable, and the food was fried and delicious.

We even had the perfect waves to play in– not too rough, but fun to “ride.”  Not that I could actually “ride” the waves like I usually do (on my dolphin ‘boogie board,’ yes it’s as every bit as adventurous as you’re imagining), what with growing a baby and all, but I enjoyed floating on my noodle.

Up and down. Up and down. Up and down.

I enjoyed showing off my baby bump, though at the time it just looked like I ate a big lunch. Brett had to swat away the fellas.

Brett enjoyed calling me a human submarine.

It was seriously a picture-perfect week.

But it was also (a little) bittersweet. We literally had no plans. Actually, the following was our plan:

– Sleep in.
– Eat a doughnut (okay, granola bar by the end of the week).
– Apply sunscreen like our lives depended on it (which, have you seen us? They kind of do).
– Brett packed a cooler, I packed the beach bag, and off we went.
– Sit on the beach for a couple of hours.
– Come to the room for about a half hour and eat lunch.
– Sit on the beach for a few more hours.
– Come to the room and clean up.
– Go to shopping or dinner (or hit the arcade and HIT THE JACKPOT. Deal with it, 10-year-olds).
– Come back to the room and watch TV.
– Go to bed.
– Repeat for eight days.

Yes, it was that relaxing. But, I think we both made the effort to make it so relaxing because we thought, “This trip will never be the same again.”  Or at least it won’t be for another eighteen years or so.

Our next beach trip (whether it will be in 2015 or not, Mama here sees RED FLAGS with traveling and the beach and you know, THE INFANT, but we’ll see) will not look like the above.

I envision a lot more stops on the road and a lot more trips back to the room (and maybe not making it back to the beach). I imagine we’ll be cooking in more than the grand total of once that we did this past trip (although we did have two other nights of leftovers, I know, it’s like I’m Dave Ramsey), and carrying a lot more luggage.  I see applying, reapplying, and then for good measure, reapplying some more sunscreen every half hour, and other sandy adventures.

Definitely not as relaxing, right?

But also, I envision this. I see laughing at our baby who unsteadily crawls or walks on the sand (and falling every three steps), maybe not sleeping in as much, but also seeing the sunrise over the ocean more. We may not spend as much time in a noisy restaurant, but more time in our cozy condo in pajamas and a soft onesie (not for Brett, sillies) having a gulf-front view for dinner from our own balcony.  I see watching our sweet child experience one of God’s most beautiful creations, noticing the little things for the first time, and hopefully loving the ocean as much as his mama.

So while we’re leaving one phase of our lives for a little bit, we have so much to look forward to. And I’m so thankful.

The second week of Fall Break was a big reminder that the tide is turning. If you’re reading this blog, you most likely know that we found out on Thursday that we are expecting a BOY! Mama knew it.

I really had no idea, but that’s what I was leaning towards, so I totally knew it. Brett was convinced it was a girl, so he was silent for about five minutes until it sunk in that he won’t be surrounded by dresses and dolls… yet.

Most importantly, we were thankful to see a strong heartbeat and that he is developing as healthy as can be right now. He had the hiccups during our ultrasound, which was funny, but also meant that his lungs are developing well.

Isn’t God amazing? I am just in awe at every appointment.

We were reminded once again this week that he is a little miracle. I know too many who have or are hurting because it hasn’t happened yet or it was taken away. Just had another reminder this week. So, boy or girl, it really didn’t matter.

Just so long as he loves the beach.

And baseball.

Well, he’ll have a choice on those, but he will be an Alabama fan. No choice in that matter.

(I am resisting the Roll Tide comment right now).

The tide is turning, but I am ready to ride every wave.


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  1. your beach trips will be forever different, but you would never want to trade them for the “before the birth”, because everything will be changed and you would never want to go back, your Joy will be so full and wonderful!

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