Let’s Give the Turkey a Year (or Eternity) Off

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

This is what I think when I see so many friends posting their daily thankful posts.

Now, before you go to deleting me and praying that I get some thankfulness in my cold, cold heart, I do enjoy reading your daily posts. Some of them I read and think, I never would’ve thought of that, but I’m thankful for that too!

(And the blogger’s heart grew three sizes that day).

But while I have immeasurable things to be thankful for, some days this would be my post:

Day 16: Today I am thankful THAT THIS DAY IS OVER.

That just may ruin someone’s Thanksgiving spirit.

So, I just gotta be real, I am not cut out for the daily posts.

I am, however, able to post thirty thankful tidbits in one blog post. It’s become an annual tradition on the blog, and the best part is, it doesn’t involve turkey.

(I am still on the crusade for the chicken to pull an upset one year and become the bird fowl for the holiday season).

(So much so, my Mom asked if I had any special requests for Thanksgiving dinner. I replied, “Chicken. BBQ. Anything but turkey”).

30 Thankful Things for 2014 (not necessarily in order of importance):

  1. Brett and I were able to announce that we were expecting a little one. I’ve said it 320 times, but I never thought it’d actually happen so soon and I don’t take it for granted.
  2. A strong heartbeat at every doctor’s visit beginning at 8 weeks. I am now almost 24 weeks and it has replaced the waves of the ocean as my favorite sound (narrowly, I have to admit).
  3. Speaking of, you want to feel God’s presence in your life? That’ll do it. I am thankful all over again for God’s faithfulness.  Baby boy’s Daddy and I are already praying that he comes to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior like we have. It’s a grace that is unending.
  4. My sweet husband.  He compliments me when I’m not feeling pregnant as much as  just large and in-charge. He’s understanding when the couch called my name more than standing by the stove (way more often than not), and will offer to make me pancakes. Last week, he met me in the grocery store just to load the groceries for me in the cold rain. He’s going to be the best Daddy.
  5. Date nights. They may take on a new look in the next few months, but if it means Domino’s pizza in the candlelight as Phil Vassar sings, then I look forward to it even more.
  6. Looping. I found out I had the opportunity to “loop” up to Second Grade with my sweet class before I was expecting, and you have no idea what a blessing it’s been. When I was feeling pretty sick in July, knowing it would be those families and kiddos that I would greet the first day of school was such a relief (and that if I threw up everywhere, they’d be a little more forgiving than a brand new set of parents. Thankfully, that was a non-issue).
  7. My parents. They are already spoiling their grandson (such a surprise, said no one ever) and are going to be the best grandparents! I know as soon as he’s born that I’m going to appreciate them in a whole new way.
  8. My doctor. She is the best, and above all y’all, I love that she’s practical. Any doctor that tells me to eat chocolate when I have a headache and TAKE MEDS, SILLY FIRST TIME MAMA is all that I need.
  9. Great in-laws and extended family that has spoiled our baby boy and their daughter in-law too.
  10. My church: It may not be perfect (news flash: It isn’t), but find me a family that is.  I love that there are so many people there I can call on (and hopefully, they feel the same about me) for prayer, a word of advice, or just to go grab a coffee Sprite.
  11. Our LifeGroup- We began going to a new LifeGroup (“Sunday School class,” for all you old-schoolers)  in August and we love it. We loved going to the one we were at previously (those people are dear, special people to us), but it’s been great to connect with people that are similar in age or experiences like we are.
  12. Gummy Prenatals. Y’all, those things were lifesavers in August. Made the world less green.
  13. That Brett and I created our Baby Registry at Target and we only wanted to kill each other maybe twice the whole time! I feel like that is marriage maturity. Seriously though, it’s a huge blessing to know that so many needs (and not-so-needs, let’s be real, I’m pretty sure babies could survive without 95% of that stuff) will be provided by loved ones.  Already, we’ve been spoiled!
  14. The “Jigsaw Puzzle” App on the iPad. Brett makes fun of me, but I solve puzzles during Alabama games because it calms my nerves. Seriously. Oh, an interception? That’s okay, because I finally found a missing piece!
  15. Perdido Key, FL. We had such a great eight days down there again this year, and there’s some sort of joy of knowing that when you go on vacation, it’s actually going to be vacation.
  16. I just felt a kick while typing this! Those always make me smile.
  17. Brett’s new hobby of woodworking. He is seriously talented and had made all kinds of knick-knacks and gifts for us. He’s working on a special something for the nursery right now, actually. I love a hobby that’s useful (Pot calling kettle black here… can you call solving jigsaw puzzles useful? For the mind, right? No? )
  18. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been a part of the same school family for five years now. They’ve been there for the major life events and the little things, too. Going to a funeral of one of our beloved colleagues together a few weeks ago is an especially sad memory, but also one where I look back and think, “We really are a family.”
  19. Elastic waistbands. And all God’s children say…
  20. Our two reliable (and paid for) cars: Howie the Honda and Esmerelda the Escape. Grateful my Daddy taught me to avoid debt at all possible. They’re not the newest models, but they get us from Point A to Point B safely, and I believe that is the point of TRANSPORTATION.
  21. The show, Nashville.  I still love it, y’all. It’s cheesy, it’s campy, but it’s a glorious escape with some good music to boot. (Boot pun unintended). (#TeamDeacon)
  22. A great concert. Thanks to the right time and a little luck, I won tickets to the Opry twice this year, and thanks to my Mama, I saw the legend, Merle Haggard. At the last minute in the Spring, I went to “All for the Hall” thanks to a sweet friend (sing Strawberry Wine and Wagon Wheel with an arena full of people? Check). In about a month, I’ll see Justin Timberlake with my sweet hubs. I’m sure he’ll remember me from the N’Sync concert at Starwood in 2001.
  23. Jean Days. Y’all, they’re a gift. Denim solves a lot of the world’s problems.
  24. Pandora. As soon as my kids go to Related Arts, I start working on emails, plans, grading, etc., but not before I put on Pandora for 45 minutes of kid-free time. And since October, it’s been the Christmas station. Judge me all you want, I don’t like turkey anyway. Ho ho ho.
  25. Student loans paid OFF! We became debt free (with the exception of our mortgage) this past March, and it’s such a relief to not send (what felt like) endless amount of money to somebody named Sallie.
  26. Uncrustables (specifically, Whole Wheat strawberry Uncrustables because I’m healthy like that). Look, I know I could make my own for cheaper, but these are better and EASIER. There’s something to be said about not digging out peanut butter and jelly out of a jar at dark-thirty in the morning.
  27. The polar vortex.
  28. Precipitation.
  29. When #27 and # 28 love each other very much.
  30. And they create SNOW DAYS!

That was a cheap way out, but the thing about cramming all this thankfulness in one day is it can be hard to think of 30 different things.

That’s the spirit!

I wish you all a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving! If you’re reading this, I’m more than likely thankful for you.

At least, I can tell you that I’m infinitely more thankful for you than I am for turkey.

And if that doesn’t make you feel loved, I don’t know what will.


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