Stairway to Change

This is our new reality.


Diapers and wipes on the stairs, along with various other baby items that need to go with me on my next trip up.
(Let’s be real, I’m not walking up those stairs unless it serves multiple purposes.)

We’ve walked up and down those stairs these past few months probably more than we’ve owned the house, which will be five years this year.

The guest room (also known as where we stored random stuff)  is slowly transforming into a nursery.

Where there once was a guest bed, there’s a crib with whale bedding. There are various stuffed animals scattered around that already need to be condensed, beach decor in the corner soon to find its home on the walls, and a couple of bedroom furniture pieces that will be given a new life with a new coat of paint. Baby boy already has a full library (what can I say, teacher’s child AND grandchild) sitting in the Bonus Room ready to be arranged.

We have an empty cabinet in the kitchen for bottles, with three already in there somehow.  There’s a drawer in the kitchen free for pacifiers, and other odd and ends that will soon become (what we view as) necessities.

We have been truly blessed by a couple of sweet friends who have passed along many precious onesies, sleepers, and clothes for baby boy all the way through twelve months. Stacks of clothes that I can’t fit around my leg are around the house until the nursery is ready for stuff to actually be stored.

It’s pretty remarkable how everything changes so fast.

Let me rephrase.

It’s pretty remarkable how priorities change so fast.

Let’s start with finances.

When I walk into a department store, I go straight for the baby section. I rarely buy anything because we’ve been blessed by so many already, but I love to look. Yeah, I may see a top I like for me on the way there, but I’ve got plenty of clothes and don’t need it.

I order water with extra lemon (and some Sweet & Low packets) at restaurants a lot more than I used to (I still have to order the occasional Sprite if it’s been a day. Sue me). Speaking of restaurants, that’s about to be cut way back. I wrote down a large list of meals this past weekend that I’ve made or can make to spark my brain when we have a kitchen full of ingredients, but “I don’t know what to cook” so take-out it is.

I’ve gone into Wal-greens more than I think ever the past few weeks to get a vaccine (what up, TDAP!), but especially to check out their diaper sales. I’ve googled (let’s be real, searched on Pinterest) how much I should ideally be paying per diaper.

(Things I’d never thought I’d search for online for $400, Alex).

(By the way, Mama here went a little crazy on stockpiling Size 1 diapers, so I think we’re going to be good on those. If you want to gift us diapers– which hey, I ain’t stopping you!- Size 2 or Size 3 would be great. Totally don’t have to. Just a PSA. I’ve officially over-explained).

I’ve never made it a secret that I would love to stay at home. That’s another blog for another day, but we’ll be seeing how things go for financially these next few months before pulling the trigger. But it’s funny how much stuff you don’t need or don’t want once you make that decision.

Meanwhile, this break has been markedly different than past breaks, even this past Fall Break. I haven’t put much thought to school, but instead I think what needs to be done at home. I’m not worrying about the things on the to-do list that stays on my desk this semester, other than if I’m ready to teach the next day. If that’s done, and it’s getting dark outside, it’s time to go home. I will still work just as hard and teach my heart out (granted, probably involving a little more sitting down), but my priorities have shifted.

This break could be classified into two categories: “The Slumber” and “The Purge.”  Especially during the first half of break, I slept and slept. And when I wasn’t doing anything else, I slept some more. Of course, the doctor recommended the rest and let’s just say I took her recommendation and snoozed with it, if you will.

But around the midpoint of break, insomnia set in. Granted, it was a happy insomnia. Baby boy has been kicking up a storm at night, and I imagine that’s God’s way of preparing his Mama. But have no fear, I slept firmly until 11 or so each morning to make up for it.

(Something tells me that is not part of the newborn/infant deal).

Now a lot of people clean out at the New Year, but we had some extra motivation.

I think I know how much “stuff” is coming.  Oh, stuff that we’ve asked for, registered for, will be ever so grateful for, and look forward to seeing fill up our rooms, but stuff. Stuff that is large and awkward to store. Stuff that is bright. Stuff that makes noise. Stuff.

Then… came the purge. EVERYTHING MUST GO. Well, not everything. Just everything we’re not actively using (Do I really like this shirt I’m wearing?) (Just kidding, not that crazy.) (But close). I finally let go of some shirts that I just knew I’d wear next season… but never did. Closets, coat closet, garage, random shelves and cabinets, gone gone gone.

But we also know a whole lot of love is coming, too. A love that we can’t quite describe yet because while we’re experiencing it as we feel him move, we haven’t felt the full measure of it.

It’s kind of like Christ’s love for us.

I have many friends who talk about they’re thankful for God. They’re thankful that He loves them.

And that’s awesome. I’m thankful for Him and His love, too.

But if you have not repented, turned from your sins and asked God’s saving grace to come into your life, then you’re not experiencing the full effect of His love. You’re shorting yourself.

You’re seeing Him move, but not move YOU.

So, it’s a big year of change for us. But I pray that it becomes an even bigger year of change for maybe you. Your past, your mistakes, your failures, your whatever-it-is that stays in the back of your brain is forgiven if you just accept it. He cleaned out all of your “stuff” when He decided to die on the cross for you. And the amazing thing is, you don’t even have to do a thing but ask for it.

But as a result?

Your priorities will change.

You’ll discover a love you’ve never known.

You’ll find the greatest rest you’ll ever need.

Even better than sleeping in until 11 after an insomnia-filled night.

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let
God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.
Then you will learn to know
God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”
Romans 12:2


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