What Mamahood Means


Mamahood means you discover a love that you’ve never known.

Mamahood means you value your marriage more than ever before.

Mamahood means you fall more in love with your supportive husband every day.

Mamahood means your definition of “sleeping in” is now whenever you sleep past sunrise.

Mamahood means that even though you’re tired, you’d make that trade every time.

Mamahood means you pray a little more every day.

Mamahood means you are in even more awe that God sent His only Son to die for you.

Mamahood means you have a whole new perspective of God’s great love.

Mamahood means you can shower, start a load of laundry, and prepare a sandwich all within a ten minute window.

Mamahood means you wince more than you used to when there is any news story involving the death or endangerment of a child.

Mamahood means you trade in your coffee table for a bouncy seat and swing.

Mamahood means you give yourself permission to have a dirty house because loving on your baby is more important.

Mamahood means you actually enjoy cleaning your house when the baby learns to nap somewhere other than your arms.

Mamahood means you’ll forever wish you had whatever ailment your child may have, even if it’s only the hiccups.

Mamahood means you no longer have a need for an alarm clock because you’ll hear every little coo, grunt, and snore while your sweet husband snoozes away.

Mamahood means your Saturday mornings shift from sleep to strollers.

Mamahood means you take pride in the simplest accomplishments, like when your child finally hits the rattle in his bouncy seat.

Mamahood means you plan to leave about fifteen minutes earlier than you normally would’ve, knowing that you won’t actually leave fifteen minutes earlier, but hopefully on time.

Mamahood means you are compelled to take at least one picture everyday because he looks a tiny bit more grown every morning.

Mamahood means you resist posting all the pictures you do take.

Mamahood means you actually print out your pictures now.

Mamahood means you value your friendships with the ladies in your life more than before.

Mamahood means you gain a whole new outlook on your own mother and how well she loved you your whole life.

Mamahood means you walk past the Women’s Dept. and straight to the baby section without a thought.

Mamahood means the dishwasher runs a little more often because eating in is not only more affordable, but more comforting when your little family is under the roof of your home after a long day .

Mamahood means you savor those nights you do go out to eat because they’re a little fewer and farther between.

Mamahood means you love deeper.

Mamahood means you smile wider.

Mamahood means you laugh harder.

Mamahood means your house turns into even more of a home.

Mamahood means you wonder how you lived without your little blessing all these years.


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